Friday, January 4, 2013

Samuel Adler, Works for String Quartet and Other Small Ensembles

If you admire present-day chamber music, Navona has something you might think seriously of getting. American composer Samuel Adler (b 1928) has been prolific in this vein. A nearly three-and-a-half-hour set Works for String Quartet and Other Small Ensembles has recently come out on the label and it goes for $9.99 as a decent MP3 download at iTunes.

Of course it's not because it is inexpensive that I mention it. Samuel Adler's chamber music is quite well crafted and inspired. Fourteen works are represented on this retrospective set: string quartets, violin sonatas, piano trios, all very decently played by various artists in decent sound.

Adler's chamber output varies in style between neo-classicism and mainstream modern. In all cases it shows a lively and fertile, inventive musical mind at work. There's a booklet that comes with the download.

How can you lose? Good music, good performances, great bargain to boot. To find out more, go to click on "Adler, Samuel" and you'll see the album at the bottom to click on.

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