Tuesday, June 21, 2016

4 Contemporary Sound Poets, Tomomi Adachi, Owen F. Smith, Duane Ingalls, Jaap Blonk, Surround Sound Disk

Today, something out of the ordinary: a 5:1 surround disk with a lengthy program featuring 4 Contemporary Sound Poets (Pogus 21083-2). We hear the electroacoustic compositions of Tomomi Adachi, Jaap Blonk, Owen F. Smith and Duane Ingalls. All make excellent use of the surround medium (both AC3 and DTS are options, which will enable you to hear the full sound on virtually any DVD or Blu-Ray player). The human voice in its extended sound making possibilities is at the center of most works. Avant vocal execution and electroacoustic transformations are the order of the day.

All the works presented are cutting-edge contemporary avant, ranging from collaged density to soundscaped ambient. Experiencing them in 5:1 audio staging is sometimes quite exciting and alway revelatory.

Keep in mind that the visual component on the disk is functional--you get some photos with the menu choices, but the works are presented with a nearly blank screen (with a thin stripe of color arranged across the top). That is all fine--this is an audio disk and you are there to listen.

Like all avant new music you may find yourself liking some works more than others, but that is a personal thing. Each work is its own adventure and has the ring of authenticity and newness about it.

I found the experience riveting. I believe all you who embrace the high modern-postmodern camp will find it all fascinating. And the surround sound is fantastic throughout.

Highly recommended for the adventurists out there!

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