Friday, December 9, 2016

New South American Discoveries, The Norwegian Radio Orchestra, Miguel Harth-Bedoya

There is always something new under the sun when it comes to modern classical music. Today, we contemplate something new and extraordinary in New South American Discoveries (Harmonia Mundi 907670), as performed with zeal and spirit by the Norwegian Radio Orchestra under Miguel Harth-Bedoya.

On it we are treated to eight characteristic symphonic works by as many living South American composers, who are generally as concerned with local musical elements (though not always in a central thematic role) as they are with a modern outlook.

So we find ourselves immersed happily in the music of Victor Agudelo (Colombia), Sebastian Vergara (Chile), Diego Luzuriaga (Ecuador), Diego Vega (Colombia), Sebastian Errazuriz (Chile), Augustin Fernandez (Bolivia), Jorge Villavicencio Grossman (Peru) and Antonio Gervasoni (Peru).

The time passes quickly as each work reveals itself in lively fashion in the hands of Miguel Harth-Bedoya and the Norwegian Orchestra. This is music that does not hearken back so much as look forward in dramatic and at times exciting ways. There is nothing but good music to be had. All eight works show us a South America as vitally new as it is delightful.

Heartily recommended.

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