Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Anil Camci's Dekagon, New Electronic Music Gems


The state-of-the-art for CD design and graphics never ceases to stimulate me, and not always for the worse. Look here at the cover of Anil Camci's Dekagon (Innova-080) and you will see something doubtlessly avant but then readable and nicely dynamic. So who is Anil Camci? If you Google him you find his University of Michigan page (where he teaches). You see by his site that he is up to interesting things--digital instrument design, electro-audio web applications. It is all worth reading and gives the back story for what makes his Electronic Music so alarmingly good. He is first of all a SOUND artist extraordinaire, a real orchestrational innovator.

To turn to this fine disk, we have ten short works, all of which explore very fetching and beautiful sonic territory. Listen to his brief "Christmas 2013" from the album and feel the poetic rightness of this nuusic.   I find it all rather brilliant! Copy and paste this link: If that hits you, then by all means take a listen to it all, spring for the CD, enjoy this one at length. Bravo!

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