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Monday, November 2, 2015

Niels Lyhne Lokkegaard, Sound X Sound, Music for 30 Chromatic Tuners

Another 45 RPM "Single," as it were, is now available from composer Niels Lyhne Lokkegaard, namely Sound X Sound Music for 30 Chromatic Tuners (Hiatus 013).

Lokkegaard creates his music, as the title suggests, from a veritable orchestra of digital tuners.

Tones emerge, are in part de-tuned into microtonal complexes as fascinating as they are dense and rich. As per the last release (type his name in the search box above for that) Lokkegaard shows us the possibilities available from a collective gathering of tones generated by simple means which thrive in their multiplicity, when experienced in such "orchestral" settings.

It is a simple idea on the surface yet yields nice results via the rigor of the realizations and the untoward virtuality and reality in space.

It is a worthy irreverence and another fine example of Lokkegaard's sense of inventive sonic possibilities.

Join in the beehive-like swarm of sound as a listener. Listening does not feel passive when the sounds are collectively expressed in this way. You feel in the middle of it all, not on the outside. Listen!

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