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Monday, May 1, 2017

Jory Vinikour, J.S. Bach, Partitas BWV 825-830

The Partitas of J.S. Bach constitute a set of consummate masterpieces, one of the highpoints of Bach's keyboard output, sounding wonderful on the harpsichord but also equally well on the modern pianoforte, with some excellent performances on the latter that came out long ago and are now perhaps not so available, notably by Glenn Gould and Joerg Demus.

It is music that everyone should have, in my opinion one of those desert island essentials. If I were dying and still aware of my surroundings, I might ask someone to put it on. Since at the moment I am very much NOT in that category this morning, I can sit down and write about a recent three-CD set of the works, played quite ably and spiritedly by Jory Vinikour on the harpsichord (Sono Luminus 92209).

This is a true-to-period baroque rendition, as one might expect, with ornamentation where you might expect it and the full flourish of the harpsichord on display.

It is a set to relish, the uncanny Bach music realized in full modern sound. More you cannot ask, although a good pianoforte version gives you another kind of hearing. In the meanwhile, purchase this with confidence.

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