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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Duo Beija-Flor, Costas, Works for Guitar and Flute

NOTE: Given the huge amount of worthwhile music I receive, I sometimes find there are not enough hours in the day to cover all of what I would like. So today I introduce the MINI-Review Series, a review of something I feel is very worthwhile yet I cannot cover in-depth due to time running out! In this kind of review I provide a sentence or two about the music and why I feel it is worth hearing and having.

First up is Costas, Works for Guitar and Flute by the Duo Beija-Flor (Big Round 8953). The idea here is that this Duo gives us a very nice series of compositions, sometimes in new arrangements, from composers of the Atlantic coasts, music from Europe, specifically Spain and Portugal, and the Spanish-Portuguese Diaspora in Latin and South America. Charles Hobson on guitar and Marie-Noelle Choquette on flute are both excellent artists and it is a pleasure to hear them bring to life some well-known and lesser-known works by DeFalla, Assad, Piazzolla, Saul, Ellias, Machado and Robinovitch. Very nice! A feast for the ears.

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