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Thursday, December 26, 2019

Francesco Guerri, Su Mimmi Non Si Spara! Solo Cello

For this morning's offering we have cellist Francesco Guerri and his solo outing Su Mimmi Non Si Spara! (RareNoise RNR0110CD, RNR110LP). The promo blurb up on the net captures my reactions perfectly when it says that he "obliterates the line between contemporary classical composition and free improvisation." On this his third album he does just that with ten specially structured yet loose solo segments each bringing a special something to the forefront, and then a fitting finale for electronically altered cello entitled "My [ha]nd."

That latter fits into a sort of Avant Rock mode one ordinarily hears on the RareNoise label, yet at the same time carries forward the special sensibility Guerri brings to us on the previous ten solo segments.

Extended techniques, special tuning and bowing prowess forward seamlessly the high expression and musico-logic Guerri brings to us in such varied fashion, whether it be the kind of unabashed forwardness of High Rock and Free Improv or a passage of lyrical poetics. There is surety and individual uniqueness overflowing at every turn.

An unexpected find is this, perhaps, and a happy one at that. Very recommended for cello lovers and thinking listeners. The artist believes that this is music even a child would understand. I agree. Yet it is by no means "typical" in some routine sense. Bravo.

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