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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Poul Ruders, Rudersol Chamber Players, Clarinet Quintet, Throne, Piano Quartet


Ours Records came out a while back with a nice recording of the music of Danush composer Poul Ruders. I was happy to check it out and review it.  See index box above for that article on his larger forces music as well his presence on a piano anthology.

Today we have a nicely moody addition of three chamber works penned between 1988 and 2016, well performed by the Rudersol Chamber Players, It covers his Clarinet Quintet, his Thrones, and his Piano Quartet (Our Recordings  6.220680).

These are deeply meditative, exploratorily modern works with an emphasis on well constructed chamber depth and close focus. The harmonic content is a nicely advanced modern sort with a good shade of dissonance to give it all distinctive character. It should appeal to all devoted Modernists out there but if you are not yet give this some time and it may convert you. Good show, bravo.

Sample some of his music on YouTube

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