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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Johan Helmich Roman, Assaggi per Violino Solo, Fabio Bondi


If you are a Baroque fanatic you may know the name of Swedish composer Johan Helmich Roman (1694-1758), or perhaps you do not. He is new to me. The recent recording of his  Assaggi Per Violino Solo (Naive  V 8209) will doubtless show you a composer of real talent if you spend some time with it as I have.

Perhaps the first thing you'll notice is the beautiful performances of violinist Fabio Biondo throughout. He has a beautifully sparking sound and impeccable tone control. The seven groupings of works each gives us a bristling Baroque leaping forth of single-noted implied counterpoint furthered by double stops weaving in and out, somewhat in the manner of Bach and his Suites, yet lyrically more trimmed down-- though still lovely at every turn.

This is a real sleeper, a gem in the solo string realm both for composer and performer. Very recommended.

To stream the album, start with this link and follow the single links for a wealth of movements.

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