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Friday, July 1, 2011

Carlos Franzetti Combines South American Jazz and Orchestral Music on "Alborada"

Carlos Franzetti brings together Argentinian-Brazilian strains, piano jazz and orchestral music on the very pleasurable Alborada (Amapola 9811). Carlos and Allison Brewster Franzetti share the piano duties and they sound very good indeed. There is a bass-drums rhythm section and the City of Prague Philharmonic provides the orchestral dimension.

This is music that might be put in a "pops" category, except the music is perhaps too substantial and essentially serious for such an appellation. There are nine fairly short compositions. They stand out for their lyricism, the ringingly sensitive piano performances and the well orchestrated, well played and well recorded orchestral parts.

It is feel-good music. Simply. But it is not fluff. There is much for the keen ear to revel in. Check the details by clicking on the Amapola Records link on this page.

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