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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Krzysztof Meyer, Instrumental Music, Poznan Piano Trio

If you do not know the music of Krzysztof Meyer (b. 1943) you are missing something! He is in the chamber music realm a brilliant composer, a present-day Polish Bartok if you will, the creator of complex, ultra-rewarding music that somehow sums up where high modernism of the non-serial sort can be today. He studied with Penderecki and Boulanger, and came out of it with an originality and inspired craftsmanship that must be heard closely to be appreciated.

This is no more true than on the recent volume Instrumental Music (Naxos 8.573500), by the Poznan Piano Trio. They conquer five of his works, two in first recordings, covering a wide span between 1976 and 2010.

Every piece is gloriously gravitas, intensive, a super-focused meditation on chamber complex possibilities. The "Trio, op. 50" for violin, cello and piano (1980) is the brilliant capstone for the program, but then the "Canzona, op. 56" (1981) for cello and piano, the recent "Imaginary Variations, op. 114" (2010) for violin and piano, the "Moment Musical" (1976) for cello solo and the "Misterioso, op. 83" (1994) for violin and piano are no less accomplished.

We discussed his music on these pages before (see search box above) and this volume serves to confirm his stature as a chamber titan. The Poznan Piano Trio are nothing short of excellent in their fiery performances, as ideal as one might wish. The music has an extraordinary depth and a kind of timelessness that transcends present and past for music of, no exaggeration, considerable wonder.

If you could buy only one CD of chamber music this month, it should be this. If you don't know Meyer, you should dive into Instrumental Music without hesitation. If you know his music, this is essential to your collection. What more can I say? It is fabulous!

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