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Monday, January 21, 2013

Curt Cacioppo, Laws of the Pipe

On Martin Luther King Day, I find myself reflecting on our history and his Dream. The rights of Native Americans were of course a part of King's all-inclusive vision, and so it seems appropriate (if mostly serendipitous) to look today at a group of compositions by Curt Cacioppo, Laws of the Pipe (Navona 5889), centered around Native American topics.

His is an expressive music. To his credit he does not engage the sort of cliche sounds that used to appear often in modern musical treatments of the subject and of course in the many movie soundtracks one might hear, "Westerns" I mean.

Three works comprise the album, "Wolf" for soprano, cello, and piano; "Kinaalda" for string quartet; and "Scenes from Indian Country" for chamber orchestra.

This is mainstream modern expressionist fare, well done, filled with musical richness and thoughtful thematic material. There are moments of modern beauty, of stirring depth, another sort of Americana if you will.

I found it a very good listen. You should hear it.

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