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Monday, September 12, 2016

Arvo Part, The Deer's Cry, Vox Clamantis

The Estonian Choral Group Vox Clamantis comes through with a stunning, second release of music on ECM, a wonderful compilation of Arvo Part works, The Deer's Cry (ECM New Series 2466). Director Jaan-Elk Tulve leads the ensemble through a well-chosen selection of Part gems, some familiar, some not, including world premiere recordings of his "Drei Hirtenkinder aus Fatima" and "Habitare Fratres."

The choir is heavenly and recorded beautifully.

The music once again brings us Part's early music influenced ambiance. Most of the music is homophonic and at times the sort of asymmetrical flow of text centered melody is central, reminding us of ancient chant yet of course giving us both archaic and very modern harmonic sequences presented expressively. This is a key to Part's evocative way, though there is much more to it.

By now we all feel the wondrous weight of his originality, the sensuous beauty of his sonic designs. Vox  Clamantis gives us extraordinary readings that are among the most definitive out there. And with the lesser known works included this is a must for all Part aficionados. This simply is some of the most beautiful music being fashioned on mother earth today!

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