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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Erik Bergman, Choral Works 1936-2000, Helsinki Chamber Choir, Nils Schweckendiek

Composer Erik Bergman (1911-2006) wrote some significant Choral Works 1936-2000 (BIS 2252). We hear a nice selection of them on today's two-CD set, as sung by the Helsinki Chamber Choir under Nils Schweckendiek.

What first impresses is the sheer quantity of quality high modern moodiness. In all we get 19 works from the long time span. There is a continuity of style, generally speaking.

Bergman lived a long life and was compositionally active for most of it. As the prominent Finnish modernist of his time, he was celebrated in his home country but less so in the world at large.

He wrote extensively for choral groups. The selection of mostly mixed choral works on the disk have not been often heard, so we are fortunate to have this set to fill out the picture of Bergman's oeuvre.

The music will certainly appeal to you if you are a modernist at heart. Bergman goes his own way. There is much to explore. Give it a listen! 

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