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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Carlo Monza Quartets, Opera in Musica, Fabio Biondi, Europa Galante


What we still can know anew can startle. So it turns out composer Carlo Monza (1735-1801) is something rewarding to hear, certainly as played so well by Fabio Biondi and the quartet Europa Galante doing a fine thing on the release Opera in Musica: Carlo Monza Quartets (naive CP SPPF V7541).

These quartets, some six in all, are bright, sparkling with brio and depth as realized by these talented players. It is an early Classical kind of confection, not stickily sweet but sincerely, pointedly bristling and bubbling. Violinist Bondi puts it plainly in the liners, "Monza's music is characteristic of the late eighteenth century, with delightful themes, varied moods and a gallant tone."

Doubtless when you awoke this morning you had no idea you'd wonder about this Carlo Monza, But seriously if you want something unexpectedly charming, beautifully played, you will no doubt find this most appealing as I did. Get it, hear it, let it grow on you.

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