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Friday, May 10, 2013

Schubert, Lichte und Liebe, Lieder & Vocal Quartets, Marlis Petersen, Anke Vondung, Werner Güra and Konrad Jarnot

It must have been an exceptional experience to attend one of Schubert's "Schubertiades," congenial gatherings of friends dedicated to running through some of his music. It must have been magical. His lieder of course were often on the agenda, as were vocal duets, trios and quartets.

There is a new recording that features all these combinations, understandably titled Lichte und Liebe: Lieder & Vocal Quartets (Harmonia Mundi 902130). It features the voices of Marlis Petersen, Anke Vondung, Werner Güra and Konrad Jarnot, with piano accompaniment.

The recording is excellent. It gives you spirited performances of music that is like none other. Sometimes operatic, sometimes more intimate, the music is performed with care and bravado.

Anyone who revels in Schubertian lieder will welcome the recording and a glimpse into Schubert in an inspired, relaxed mode. Performances are just about as close to definitive as any. So do not hesitate.

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