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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ronn McFarlane & Mindy Rosenfeld, Nine Notes that Shook the World

If you love the sound of early music played by flute and lute, Ronn McFarlane & Mindy Rosenfeld's Nine Notes that Shook the World (Sono Luminus 92169 CD & Blu-Ray) will doubtless appeal greatly. Ronn McFarlane plays Renaissance and Baroque lutes, Mindy Rosenfeld Renaissance, Baroque and Celtic flutes, fifes, harp and bagpipe for a program of 16th through 18th century works by composers anonymous, folk and established composers of the age.

There is fine artistry from the duo. The original instruments and their charming sound and the broad spectrum of works on this disk set (which comes as a standard stereo mix on CD and 5:1 on a Blu-Ray) gives you a quite lovely window on the past. Music by Dowland, Bach, Handel, Boismortier and Locatelli match up with no-less intriguing folk airs from England, Scotland, Ireland and Brittany.

The sonic transitions afforded via the various flutes, fifes, harp and bagpipes by Ms. Rosenfeld alters the sonority from piece-to-piece, as does Ronn McFarland's sound on the various period lutes.

The two work together as one, turning in performances that delight my ears.

Such a journey back in time satisfies; the sound exhilarates. Get this one and revel in Euro-roots as if on a time machine.

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