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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Jeremy Cullen, Scenes, Vol. 1

It is the morning after the elections here in the States and I for one need to concentrate on the music again. That's what I am about as always and today is no exception. New Zealand based composer Jeremy Cullen makes his appearance today with the collection of solo piano works Scenes, Vol. 1 (Notornis NTS 001). He composed and played piano for all thirty short works. Viola (Maria Grigoryeva) and Cello (Lyudmila Kadyrbaeva) are added to one work and several works subject the piano to electronic enhancement,

This is tonal, ambient, post-modern, post-Satieian music of lyrical charm and substance. It is not a nostalgic glance backward as much as a step forward in a historically aware, radically tonal vein.

I find this one stimulating and pleasing. I recommend it to you.

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