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Friday, August 24, 2012

Giorgio Mirto, Chamber Works with Guitar

Living, breathing, right-here-and-now composer Giorgio Mirto writes music of a certain passion. His album Chamber Works with Guitar (Briliant Classics 9259) makes that clear from the first listen. There is a (seemingly) Gypsy-inspired rhapsody for violin and guitar that soars, some wonderful miniatures for three guitars, and Triest, Solitario y Final for guitar and string quartet, which I find especially attractive.

Much of the music on this disc could have been written 100 years ago or more and would have seemed in keeping with the times. The classical guitar tradition anchors the music in a place that respects the idiomatic aspects of writing for the instrument. Mirto excels in devising fresh and lively music that works its way from the tradition towards the light of the present day.

Giorgio Mirto has a lyric strain, a neo-Spanish feel for dance form allusions and well thought-out multi-guitar writing. But the pieces that combine guitars and bowed strings show a sure mastery of both families of instruments, as well as a definite flair for music that is dramatic and memorable.

Maestro Mirto writes music that delights. For those who revel in the classical guitar especially, he is a great pleasure to hear.

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