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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Weinberg, Symphony No. 3, Svedlund, Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

A mysterioso opening movement puts Weinberg's Symphony No. 3 in a class by itself. We continue today to examine the Svedlund/Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra cycle. This one backs Weinberg's Third with the "Golden Key Suite No 4" (Chandos).

The second movement has a lively scherzo/dance quality. The third movement, an adagio, returns to the mysterious, and has a somewhat bleak mood to it. Towards the middle it bursts out in an anguished fortissimo in a kind of expressionist equivalent of a sob. It returns at the end to the quiet mystery-sorrow of the beginning.

The final movement is very agitated and filled with motion.

The accompanying "Golden Key Suite No 4" is rather light, incidental music, which affords a break from the high strung Third. There are some lovely moments,

All is well-played by Svedlund and the Gothenburg Symphony. The symphony may not be essential if you are not looking to get Weinberg's complete output.

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