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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Emily Grantham, Chocolate Syrup, Available as Free Download by Artist/Label

For those (like me) who don't know what they are about, meaning that they have no hard and fast rules about what they like or listen to, I offer you today a rather fascinating EP of electronic music/vocalizations by one Emily Grantham, Chocolate Syrup (Wood and Wire Records).

If Gilli Smyth rings a bell, and I suspect it might not, you are probably in luck. Gilli did some breathy, cosmic vocalizing on some records by Gong. Emily is a modern-day extension of Gilli on vocals but then she also provides/composes the electronics on the tracks here.

This is electronic music with influences in rock as well as classical, avant garde but pretty quiet and reflective. I find it a fascinating exercise in what a talented young lady from Australia can create if she has the knack and determination.

Perhaps the very best part if you are a little bit broke is that it is being offered to you free by artist and label. You can download it from WFMU's Free Music Archive by copying the following URL and pasting it in your browser:

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