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Friday, August 19, 2016

Nicolas Kaviani, Te Deum

Nicolas Kaviani writes his modern day Te Deum (Navona NV6021 CD plus Documentary DVD) to praise the heavens in the fundamental manner that Western Civilization has done for many centuries past. In our modern age however the full creation is something we now know much more about than we previously believed. Yet it is still a mystery. The vastness and ineffable nature of boundless space as science has come to know it is the material entity Nicolas Kaviani sets out to praise in his half-hour work for orchestra (Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra under Petr Vronsky), choir (Janacek Opera Choir under Pavel Koranik) and soloists (Martina Kralikova, soprano, etc.).

This is jubilant, ecstatic glorification in the capital /G/ sense; Post-Beethovian, post-Mahlerian largess with a hugeness appropriate to its subject matter. A DVD comes with the CD recording to document the making of the music. I have not had DVD capabilities yet since my move so I was unable to watch.

But certainly the music speaks multitudes. A short "Tous les Matins du Monde" for 16 unaccompanied voices ends the program on a subdued, questioning note.

This is music of great drama and impact, a post-Romantic tour de force that unleashes some blockbuster power. Hear this!

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