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Friday, September 9, 2016

Paul Green, Music Coming Together, Performed By Two Worlds

Sometimes we need to cross genres, collectively, individually. Today's album is perhaps primarily on the jazz terrain. But then it has classical chamber elements. And Jewish klezmer roots, too.

It is Paul Green, his clarinet, his group Two Worlds and his interesting arrangements on Music Coming Together (Centaur 3454).

It's a six member chamber jazz group with Paul, Alan Simon on piano, tenor Bruce Kraslin, drummer Bill Chapman, bassist Daniel Broad, and guitarist Michael Musillami. They acquit themselves well, straddling klezmer traditions, the clean lines of Benny Goodman's small groups, the ornate sensibilities of MJQ, but out of this a sound of their own, in no small part thanks to Paul's intelligent arrangements and their overall innate sense of swing.

There are choice klezmer classics such as Dave Tarras's "Tarras Doina and Blues," "Der Gasn Nigun" and others. There are Miles Davis associated classics like "So What," Shorter's "Footprints" and then any number of surprises, such as Cab Calloway's klezmer-jazz "Utt Da Zay."

Altogether this is refreshing, a change of pace, compelling fare. Let it have its way with your ears and you will be smiling before long, I think.

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