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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Aya Yoshida, Fantasy 1720: Bach Arranged and Completed by Thomas Meyer-Fiebig

Where Johann Sebastian Bach is concerned, it seems I can never quite get enough. No, I would not sit down and try and listen to all the cantatas back-to-back, but aside from that I am nearly insatiable.

For those of you like me who can't get enough Bach, we have Aya Yoshida at the organ, playing Fantasy 1720 (Zoho 201-207). It's a world premiere recording of two unaccompanied violin works arranged for organ, plus the completion of two excellent Bach organ fragments--by Thomas Meyer-Fiebig.

The result is convincingly Bachian. Aya Yoshida does a quite decent job with the music, the organ sounds resplendent and Meyer-Fiebig has done a marvelous service to Bach fanciers in reconstructing/re-composing the missing pieces and re-conceiving the solo violin parts for organ.

So we have more to appreciate. I suspect all Bach lovers will be happy that this recording has come about.

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