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Friday, October 12, 2012

David Kechley, Colliding Objects

Composer David Kechley presents four chamber works spanning the period 1982-2011 on Colliding Objects (Innova 829). It's angular, pulsating contemporary music with percussion often an integral part of the proceedings. Saw and pine boards enter the mix in "Design and Construction: Trialogues for Trumpet, Saxophone and Percussion" but mostly it's the more conventional barrage of instruments at hand.

"Dancing" is the only all-percussion work, for four players and forty-four instruments. "Available Light" is the only percussion-less work. It centers around flute and harp. In middle ground are "Untimely Passages" for marimba and flugelhorn, and the title piece, for piano and percussion.

Throughout Kechley shows how infectious rhythm and straightforward melodic arches can make for music that is both contemporary and accessible. It's music that gets attention without sacrificing musical substance.

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