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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Jerry Hunt, Haramand Plane: Three Translation Links

Jerry Hunt constructs involved electro-acoustic music assemblages that associate with visual complexes and are activated via the gestures of the composer-performer. That's as close to a nutshell description as I can get after reading the liner notes to the CD Haramand Plane: Three Translation Links (Pogus P21069-2). The three variants of the work were produced in 1993 and were originally released on What Next? Recordings. This is a reissue. For the record the three segments are called, respectively, "Chimanzii: Link (1)," "Chimanzii: Link (2)," and "Chimanzii: Drape: Link."

My first impression of this three-part assemblage is that it might be the music a bee would put together if he or she were a bee-composer-artist. There is a number of motif samples sourced from strings that sound hive-like. Beyond that these are quite interesting soundscape structures that show a kind of organic continuity that have an almost orchestral quality.

They are otherwise not easy to describe. They have various transformed oscillating trilling bee-buzzed tones more than noise-pitch constructions. It is quite unique and I cannot say I have heard anything quite like it all. The overall effect is mysterious and very musical, a series of related electro-acoustic tone poems if you like.

Those with an avant sense of adventure will find it fascinating. It is easy to listen to and rewarding.

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