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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Shudong Braamse, Suenos de Espana, Spanish Art Songs, MINI-Review

I recommend coloratura soprano Shudong Braamse's Suenos de Espana (Spanish Art Songs) (Navona NV 1211) for those whose pulse quickens at the prospect of such things. It is a well sung collection of songs, some you no doubt already know, but then you may not know a lot of these unless you have spent time as a specialist in this realm. The collective clout of the music will send those who respond to such things up the channel to the rung bell so to speak. I am glad to have it for the gap it fills nicely in my collection. The music fulfills an acute need for Spanish tinged sounds with 19 gems well done.

Teresa Ancaya on piano and Robert Phillips on guitar take care of accompanying duties as needed and they are admirable. Shudong Braamse has real charm and a sweet tone, with a rather hefty vibrato that is nevertheless burnished nicely.

If this is your bailiwick (like it is mine) there is a lot to love. Check it out.

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