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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Gian Luigi Diana, Cristalli Sonori

Gian Luigi Diana was an integral member of the electro-acoustic offerings Laghima and Blurboxer that I covered last month.We take another look at his music today with the solo album Cristalli Sonori (Setola Di Maiale SM 1890).

As with the previous recordings we have electro-acoustic music devoid of cliche, in the form of the unexpected. Again, it's in the realm of spontaneous composition and combines Gian's well-thought-through sound universes with real-time acoustic instruments: Patrick Holmes on clarinet, Porra-Boy, flutes and slide guitar, Lisa Dowling, double bass, and Bojan Z. on sax and clarinet, each entering for a segment or two.

This is soundscaping without a lot of sustain or drone and more concerned with sonic events that follow one upon another in a kind of narrative flow. The early work of AMM, MEV and Il Gruppo sometimes comes to mind, but as precursors more than as models.

It's avant music of a singular cast and will appeal to the patient follower of new sounds. You must let the sequences unfold in time and you will find a rewarding experience in the offing when you do.

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