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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mohammed Fairouz, Critical Models, Chamber Works

Mohammed Fairouz practices the art of modernism in music. The influence of his Middle Eastern heritage enters into it now and then, but primarily he writes in an international style and does so very well. This all can be heard to good advantage on a collection of chamber works entitled Critical Models (Sonus Luminus 92146), which came out a few years ago and I am only now coming to hear.

Six varied works (some are multi-part suites) are represented on the disk. "Litany" for double bass and wind quartet, "Four Critical Models" for alto sax and violin, "Piano Miniatures," "Lamentation and Satire" for string quartet, "Three Novelettes" for piano and alto sax, and "Airs" for solo guitar.

They show a mature, expressively communicative style, engaging in advanced chromatic harmony much of the time but also drawing on tonality only to transform it and reconstruct it in very interesting ways (listen to the "Piano Miniatures" and the title work especially for his original treatment in this regard). He has obviously studied the entire spectrum of classical models and has harnessed that knowledge for his own ends (for example listen to the contrapuntal passages in "Lament and Satire")

You are left, after hearing this recording the first or fifth time, with the feeling that you have heard an original voice. The performances by all concerned are excellent. If you (like I) missed this one when it first came out, try and hear it. Maestro Fairouz is a phenomenon. Recommended.

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