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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sophia Serghi, Night of Light

Sophia Serghi, Cypriot, composer, weaver of ostinatos, writer of lyrical, accessible music. Night of Light (Navona 5866) is a full CD of her orchestral works, all with soprano or soprano and mezzo soprano.

It's music that has resonance with Gorecki at times, a pizzicato-arco exotica reminiscent in its own way of Hovhannes now and again, and the extensive use of the minor mode--which no doubt relates to her musical roots.

There are four works, well performed by the Moravian Philharmonic under Vit Micka. Sopranos Alena Helerova, Lucie Silkenova, and mezzo Eliska Weissova sound well in their parts, especially to my mind Ms. Helerova.

The works are in many ways of a piece: minor diatonic, elegant simplicity, archaic, flowing, lyric and evocatively somber. They are not extraordinary complex or difficult to grasp and so may find a larger audience than is the norm for contemporary concert music.

It's music that should please many. I found it enchanting in its own way.

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