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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ludvig Irgens Jensen, Symphonic Works

Another (to me) new composer on the docket, Norway's Ludvig Irgens Jensen (1894-1969) and a collection of his Symphonic Works (CPO 777347-2 2-CDs). Conductor Eivand Aadland leads the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra convincingly, making a case for Jensen on most attractive terms.

This is Nordic symphonic music that doesn't so much follow Grieg, Sibelius or Nielson as strike out on a similar path. It's music that has a little of the mystery of the North, whatever that means, and lots of very logically and expressively pleasing orchestral music.

This is the tune-al lyricism that could well translate into popularity--though it is not "light" music, other than the presence of sunshine and shadow.

Aadland allows the music to breathe, to glow, to come into our lives with a friendly countenance. It seems like an excellent antidote for a frigid winter, or the compliment of a lovely spring. You get the idea? Very Nice.

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