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Monday, October 13, 2014

Duo Oldrup/Lauridsen, Eyktime, Modern Music for Recorder and Guitar

An album that is a bit of a sleeper gets to you by degrees, often enough. That's what happened in my listening to an album of recorder and guitar duets from Denmark, Duo Oldrup/Lauridsen and their Eyktime (Gateway 001). It is a seemingly straightforward proposition of the pairing of Christina Lauridsen on all manner of recorders and Peter Oldrup on classical guitar. The program is a contemporary one, covering five composers and five works. Each has a special character. Most all of the music is tonal, though sometimes expansively so. All have a playful and ear-worthy quality.

The artistry of the duo shines through during the whole of the program. They have obviously worked out the performances with care and their sympathy with the music and individual talent combine to make for lively listening.

Most of the composers may not be well known to you if you are reading this in the States. Ole Buck gives us his "Petite Suite", Christos Farmakis something called simply "g", Vagn Holmboe his "Canto e Danze", Frode Barth contributes "The Cure", and Hermann Rechberger the title work "Eyktime".

The recorder generally plays the sprightly role, the guitar generally functions as the classical harmonic-melodic completest, doing more than mere accompanying.

This is not exactly "light" classical; it is too involved and intricate to be in that category. Yet it is lighthearted music on the whole. Duo Oldrup/Lauridsen are to be congratulated for this fine effort. The music comes through convincingly in their hands. It is a sheer delight to hear.

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