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Monday, September 25, 2017

Pompa-Baldi Plays Roberto Piana, Antonio Pompa-Baldi, Piano

It is never out-of-place in my listening habits to be introduced to a very modern and modern tonal pianistic composer as played by a very talented and musical pianist. This makes me a happy camper. That is the case with Pompa-Baldi Plays Roberto Piana (Centaur CRC 3563). Roberto writes for the solo piano like he really loves it and respects too the contemporary proficiency level that is state-of-the-art today. Piana works inventively and imaginatively to create very memorable modern works that have beautiful movement built in, an almost Satie-esque disarming directness, and plenty of modern spice as required though also a sophisticated harmonic-tonal playfulness.

Antonio Pompa-Baldi plays the "25 Preludi Pittorici" and the "Piano Sonata" like he was born to them. All require an integration of very evolve technique into a varied and very communicative sense of form and motival freshness.

Pompa-Baldi brings out the lyricism with care and great artistry. The quasi-impressionist dazzle and the dynamic motility of these works engage strongly thanks to the near-ideal performances. I cannot imagine that those attending to this music with care will not find much to intrigue and please.

It may be one of the sleepers of the year. Gradually you realize you are in the presence of a contemporary greatness. By all means, spend some time with this one and see if it does not grow on you!

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