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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Jorge Antunes, In Defense of the Machine

Jorge Antunes has been fundamental to the Brazilian modernist avant garde since the beginning of the '60s. In Defense of the Machine (Pogus 21067-2) gives us an anthology of his electronic and acoustic music representing a long span of his career. There are seven works in all, most somewhat short, dating from 1965 to 2003.

The first of the electronic works have that DIY sci-fi sort of ambiance typical of early electronic studio productions in the first phase. The music goes from there to cover a good bit of ground.

It is music that has definite moments, is quite obviously of historic interest but more than that it is interesting music. Compare it to a small show of the paintings of Antoni Tapies, abstract painter. If you know his work it will confirm his importance and relevance; if you don't it will open up a world where you must meet the artist half-way as it were, and open yourself up to his style on its own grounds. Then you can decide what you think. This Jorge Antunes anthology is like that.

I found it all quite fascinating, but do feel like I have more listening to do to get completely acclimated. That is a good sign.

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